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Precision Ground Shafts

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Chamfered end precision ground shaft

Nordex offers shafting with a chamfer on each end. The Nordex' Precision Shaft Series is straight with .0003 per inch. The Nordex' Ultra-Precision Shaft Series is straight with .0001 per inch

Nordex shafting is manufactured for superior performance.

Available in a precision shaft and ultra precision shafting series. Nordex offers modifications such as special shaft lengths or diameters. Nordex also offers retainer ring grooves, journals, milled flats and drilled holes.

Nordex offers 303 Stainless Steel Shafts (ground shafts/round rod shafts). These shafts are available as precision shafts and ultra precision shafts. Bulk shafting is available as well as cut to length sizes. Modified shafts available on request. Also available are hardened shafts. Please see the Case Hardened Shafts and Ground Shafts website.

Shafting available in both Inch and Metric sizes.

Inch series  1/32 to 1”
Metric series 2mm to 12mm


303 Stainless Steel

Please contact Nordex,Inc. for unlisted sizes.  Custom machining available.


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Precision ground stainless steel shafts inch sizes 4A to 12A
Precision ground stainless steel shafts metric sizes 13A to 18A
Ultra precision ground stainless steel shafts metric sizes 11A to 12A

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